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Survey Documentation - Safety and Health Consideration

Due consideration must always be given to applicable safety and health procedures.  Considerations should include (but not limited to) possible electrostatic and other fire and explosion hazards, potential dangers to personnel, (for example, exposure limits, hazardous communication, training and use of various protective clothing and equipment requirements and work practices) and potential explosive and toxic hazards associated with a cargo tank's environment.

The physical characteristics of the cargo and existing operational conditions should be evaluated carefully and applicable international, federal, state and local regulations should be strictly observed.

Safety procedures designated by the employer, the vessel's operator and other concerned parties must also be observed at all times.  The International Safety Guide for Oil Tankers and Terminals and appropriate Oil Companies International Marine Forum (OCIMF) and API publications should be consulted for additional safety information.

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Petroleum vapours and associated substances including hydrogen sulfide may cause unconsciousness or even death.  During and after the opening of the gauge hatch, all personnel should stand far enough away and giving due consideration to the wind direction, to minimize the risk of inhalation of vapours.

Since toxic vapours or oxygen deficiency cannot be detected safely by smell, visual inspection or judgment, appropriate precautions should be taken to ensure protection.

Provisions should be made for appropriate exposure monitoring, protective equipment for personnel and emergency rescue procedures.  When it is necessary, personnel should have suitable respiratory protection prior to entering the gauge site and during the gauging procedure.  The protection equipment should be examined for validity and for effective its time of use.

Physical Characteristics & Fire Considerations

Personnel who handle petroleum-related substances, as well as other chemical materials, should be familiar with their physical and chemical characteristics including, the potential risk of fire, explosion and reactivity - and with the potential risk of toxicity and other health hazards with their respective emergency procedures.

Personnel should be alert to avoid potential sources of ignition and should keep containers of materials closed when not in use.

API publications 2217 and 2026 any any applicable regulations should be consulted when sampling requires entry into confined spaces.

Information regarding particular materials and conditions should be obtained from the employer, the manufacturer or the supplier of the material or from the material safety data sheet and adequately studied before it is handled or even approached.

Sections of text taken from API - MPMS Chapter 17 Marine Measurement

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