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We have put up this MS Excel project suitable for individuals as well as organizations.

Computations are dynamically executed and available for tables 6A, 6B, 24A, 24B, 54A, 54B and 54D. The user may enter data in any column and the program will solve or reverse solve to other columns for each tank. The user may enter the tank mnemonics and max (100%) volumes in cubic metres and barrels in the tank setup page.

The status bar will show the current totals.

Data can be saved to approx 2kb files and retrieved at any time.

This project has a few limitations with the unregistered copy. To get the registered version, click on the button below to purchase via secure transactions and send us by e-mail the number generated by the project when you click on the 'Print' icon/button.

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Note:  The Excel projects are not dependent on the operating system (XP / Vista / Windows 7, Etc.)

Also, not dependent on MS Office version - Needs Excel 2007 SP3, 2010 SP1 or later  Office 2003 has been discontinued).

  • If you are using the project on a hard disk that is connected to a network (more than one PC), then you need the network version.
  • If you are using the project from a pen drive (External - removable drive), you need to purchase for the removable version.
  • If you are using the project from a fixed drive (your notebook or desktop hard disks that are not networked / shared to other PCs)  you should make a payment for the fixed version.

When the project opens it automatically recognizes the type of hard disk / removable disk it is installed to and whether it is a network drive or not. Then it looks for the corresponding license file. If found, the project runs OK. If not, there will be some ‘Trial’ limitations.

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Make your own spreadsheets or standalone projects.  Download the oil calculations add-in dll(s) with all the functions you need for the tanker industry.

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