Crude Oil or Product Tanker Calculations        (Oil Software)

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As an IT Company, we have developed spreadsheet based files that have customised cargo work calculations (Oil Software) for crude oil and product tankers.  Our standalone products (oil software) are designed for the business of shipping cargo (chemicals, oil or products) via shipping vehicles (tankers) or storing them ashore or in floating storage units (FPSO).    We prefer to work with Microsoft Excel (images in site are snapshots of Lotus 1-2-3 files).   

The latest products are standalone with a backend database storing the manual entries for each port of call. The database can be used to produce all kinds of MLI statistical analysis.

Entries by user would be:

  • Cargo Ullages and temperatures tank-wise;
  • Gauge readings/Soundings of ballast tks;
  • Fuel/FW Tks Qty;
  • Sp. Gr. of Sea Water;
  • Interface sounding for free water, if any;
  • V.E.F.;
  • OBQ/Slops on board, if any;
  • API and/or Density;
  • Tables required (6, 24 or 54 A/B); (selectable by mouse click)
  • etc.

    The  results are transferred to the following with tabulated and/or chart representations and may be printed at will.

    Hydrostatic Calculation (draft survey) with hog or sag deflection is also included.

Population Doubling Software



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Customised menus allow macros to run for:

  • Online registration of tank volumes where such hardware fitted, (We can undertake turnkey installation of hardware at dry-dock);

  • New Reports;

  • Print;

  • Backsolve to required - Nett MT, Barrels, DWT or Draft;

  • Change SW density - same cargo/ballast;

  • A scratchpad for quick conversion from degrees F'ht to C, Ft to M and vice versa with resultant DWT for that Ft or M.

Also included is the extremely powerful and much used (by the Chief Officers), add-in called Solver.  Solver provides an optimal solution to various loading/discharging scenarios in a matter of seconds.  

You have a nominated BL Qtty of 630,000 Nett Barrels of Oseberg crude oil Blend to load from Sture (Salt water) for discharge at Immingham (brackish). With the given bunker ROBs and load temperatures, draft restrictions, Solver can find a loading distribution to satisfy the given constraints which would be - no list, even keel arrival, volumes <= 98%, minimum stresses, etc.

We offer to write a similar customized spreadsheet for a fee, for any tanker operator/owner who may get in touch with us by e-mail for a sample spreadsheet at: 



Make your own spreadsheets or standalone oil software projects.  Download the add-in dll(s) Oil Software with all the functions you need for the tanker industry.

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