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SN's Maritime Work & Rest Hours Control Software Conformity Certificate Granted By Lloyd's Register, LondonSN's  Work & Rest Hours Control Software  for ILO / MLC 2006 / STCW 2010 / CFR / OPA 90 / 46USC8104 + OCIMF Guidelines Method (Both Methods Certified By Lloyd's Register, London)

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Certificate Number: SWC 1200001 / M1 -  


Sovereign Newzealand




B-15 Sector 9, CBD Belapur,

Navi  Mumbai,




Maritime Crew Work and Rest Hours Computations for Clauses in:

International Labour Organisation Convention 180 – Article 5

Maritime Labour Convention 2006 – Regulation 2.3 including multi-language support.

International Maritime Organisation Convention on Standards of Training, Certification and Watchkeeping for Seafarers, 1978, as amended in 2010 (Manila Amendments) – Chapter VIII, section A-VIII/1. Including exception clauses and multi-language support.

United States Oil Pollution Act 1990, Code of Federal Regulations - Title 33 Part 156 section 210(d) and 46 USC 8104.


OCIMF Recommendations Relating to the Application of Requirements Governing Seafarers’ Hours of Work and Rest where clauses in above international regulations are applied throughout the period the crew is at work


Maritime Work Rest Hours, V2010.6.xx


Personal computer running Windows XP or later and Microsoft Excel 2003, 2007 or 2010.


Relevant requirements of Assessment Module GEN1 1994


This certificate is valid for subsequent versions of the software, provided the modifications are performed using the change control process covered by this certification, and appropriate configuration management is maintained.

Major changes that result in additional functionality or a wider scope of certification are to be notified to LR and documents submitted to demonstrate compliance with the assessment criteria.

The Design Appraisal Document No. SWC 1200001 / M1 and its supplementary Software Conformity Assessment Terms and Conditions form part of this Certificate.


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It must be noted that a ship may be detained if conditions are violated.


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