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The Grey Background is a Watt-Reduction Theme.  Every milli-Watt counts.

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Trim & Stability

Trim & Stability


The above is a picture of the bottom half of the "Trim/Stab" page in the Lotus Workbook. The unseen portion has the data for Provisions, Constant, FW, Ballast, Fuel / Diesel and Cargo.

KG, LCG and Inertia Moments are tabled for each and the results are displayed as seen below.

Results of the "Stress" page are also incorporated. 

An attempt is made to reflect the actual draft taking into consideration the deflection due to stresses vis-a-vis the straight girder theoretical results. This is useful in cases of sailing in shallow waters where the additional max. draft due to stresses must be taken into consideration, as too the squat.       

Also calculated, is the loss of GM upon touching the blocks during dry-docking.


Make your own spreadsheets or standalone projects.  Download the add-in dll(s) with all the functions you need for the tanker industry.

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