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This feature-rich software is designed to enable the towing vessels, barge and tanker company quality assurance / vetting manager consolidate all the inspection reports received across the fleet, include his/her responses and annotate target dates for each report. The questionnaires covered are 46CFR Subchapter M, OCIMF'S SIRE VIQ6; VIQ7; BIQ 5 USA V2205, EBIS Edn 8, Shipowners Tug /Barge inpections. Once this is done, the software can generate comprehensive reports in a tabular format as well as on charts.


The user is now able to harness almost any conceivable aspect of the inspections conducted in the past by selecting the appropriate filters and thus be aware and better prepared for the future.


Harvested management level information can be passed on to the masters and chief engineers for their timely guidance. It is expected that the vessels are always in the perfect condition and most crew strive to achieve this, however, inspectors do have their favourite areas and nuanced viewpoints which find their way on the reports and into the worldwide system. This software will enable the users pin-point the existence and frequency of specific areas of concern for attention.


Data is stored in an MS Access database. There is no need to have Access as part of the MS Office installation in the user's computer.


Our software provides .

  • Intutive and friendly MS Excel based user-interface to control all functions -

  • Create new or update records for List of Countries, Ports, Survey Companies and Surveyors.

  • Create new or update records for Fleet, Select the questionnaire (BIQ5, VIQ6 or VIQ7).

  • Create new or update records for Sire Chapters, Assign Ship Manager's Risk Perception for each entry.

  • Create new or update records for List of Reports

    • Assign parameters such as surveyor name, date issued and status to the reports.

    • Record the ship manager's response for each observation and assign target dates.

    • Copy and paste or drag and drop text from received reports into the software fields.

  • Intelligent multi-level filtering.

  • Export selected records to table from where -

    • Get sub-totals by vessel, by ship type, by vetting company or by status.

    • Export above data to three types of charts.

    • Sort ascending / descending  by various observation areas.

  • Extract data for each observation with a possiblility to filter by a vast array of parameters.

    • Print a summary of observations in order of frequency, sorted further by risk perception.

    • Quick print a list by chapter - either all or for selected reports.

  • Consolidate the extracted data and create charts for these automatically with filtering facility for by Year, By Vessel & By Vetting company.

  • Compare records against other ships, the whole fleet and with the World Observations figures for each chapter.

  • Affixing of customer's logo to the report pages.

  • Twelve users plus CEO user with product storing each user's filter condition.

  • Comprehensive help file.

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We offer to -

  • Populate the database with all your old records at a nominal rate.

  • Combine this product with other product(s) at one attractive price.

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    • Engine Load Diagram Control software..

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