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Monthly Engine Consumptions Report

We have put up this MS Excel project for Shipping Companies - (Engine Department),

Actually, it comes in two parts - Part 1 is for both the office as well as for the ships' use. Part 2 is for use in the office only.


Part 1

Has 4 sections (in addition to an 'Info' page)
Monthly Engine Report Summary Page

Summary - Tabulates the data from the month data pages. In this page there are command buttons for several tasks. At the end of each month, data is saved to 10 kb encrypted text files from a button on this page. This file is e-mailed to the office. The office can also extract text only copies of the project (no macros) for sending to charterers on for posting on the intranet for inter-departmental viewing (say, to the accounts department).

Monthly Engine Report Chart Selection Page Charts - Allows the user to select the charts to view in equipment groups.
Monthly Engine Report Fleet Setup Page

Fleet Setup - In this section, the office enters the names of the ships and the number/kind of equipments on board. Example: 2 MEs, CPP.

Monthly Engine Report Months Page

Months - January to December. Here the ships enter the data for running hours, consumptions / ROBs. Specific consumptions are computed and linked to the Summary Page. Non-existent equipments are masked out.

Part 2

Has 2 sections
Combi Monthly Engine Report Summary Page

Data Page - Has command buttons to enable the user to Get Data saved by project 1 and some others such as selecting the page print size (A4 or Letter)

Combi Monthly Engine Report Chart Selection Page Charts - Allows the select the the charts to view in equipment groups.

Sample Charts     MESYSOIL        AETOTLO         PX


Download  a free trial copy.  The zipped document should contain six files.  

The main project, an encrypted text file named 'FleetSetup'.txt, two encrypted text files with sample data for for two ships, the 'combi' project,  and a sample 'combi' having data for 4 sister vessels.  

The user will need to save the 'FleetSetup.txt' file in the folder 'Monthly Rep' in the root directory where the main project is saved.  Example:  "C:\Monthly Rep".

Contact Us  for a quote basis a one time fee per fleet with / without annual support and with / without amendments to design or code.


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Make your own spreadsheets or standalone projects.  Download the oil calculations add-in dll(s) with all the functions you need for the tanker industry.

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