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SN's Maritime Work & Rest Hours Control Software Conformity Certificate Granted By Lloyd's Register, LondonSN's  Work & Rest Hours Control Software  for ILO / MLC 2006 / STCW 2010 / CFR / OPA 90 / 46USC8104 + OCIMF Guidelines Method (Both Methods Certified By Lloyd's Register, London)

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THE INDUSTRY BENCHMARK, Maritime Work Rest Hours Control Software  - Certified by Lloyd's Register, London


Version 6.09.15   - Release Date: February 20, 2019 - Please fill in the form below and click on the 'Get Download Link' button. We will reply with the link.







Requires  Windows XP SP3 or a later version of Windows 32-BIT OR 64-BIT  &  MS Office version   (2003  SP3 / 2007 SP3 / 2010 SP2 / 2013  SP1 / 2016 / OFFICE 365   2016 of 32-bit only)   

Have Office 2003 and need a free PDF printer for paperless printing of reports?  Download doPDF.

If you have an incomplete MS Excel (insufficient Services Packs) , then please click here to  Download Service Packs -

**  If the software seems to disappear after the splash screen, it means that your PC has insufficient MS OFFICE service packs.  Please download the requisite SP from the links in this page.  Install the service pack and try again.

The Trial copy changes to FULL version when the License file is found on the user's PC.

See Certificate


  NOTE:  The project MUST be installed in folder WRH (in any drive of your choice) -


C:\WRH    or    D:\WRH   or   J:\WRH    Etc.

You can create a shortcut from the project in this folder to your desktop or elsewhere

You can create a shortcut from the project in this folder to your desktop or elsewhere.


  1. How to Install?

  2. How to Install - Simplified Flow Chart *

See How to Videos

  1. Which Version Should I buy?

  1. Price List: There are two types of licenses (Prices revised wef April, 2014)

  1. Annual Subscription

  2. Permanent - Discontinued

  For Pricing Structure Including Volume Discounts, please  Contact Us   .

Note: The Excel projects are not dependent on the operating system (XP SP3 / Vista / Windows 7. - Vista/Win7 32-bit or 64-bit)

Also, not dependent on MS Office version (2003 SP3   / 2007 SP3 / 2010 SP2  / 2013 SP1 /2016/OFFICE 365).  MS Office 64-bit is known to give VBA problems and is not generally supported and should be installed on a PC only if the user needs Excel projects needing over 2GB of memory.   If needed, please download Service Packs From These Links
  • If you are using the project on a hard disk that is connected to a network (more than one PC), then you need the network version.

  • If you are using the project from a pen drive (External - removable drive), you need to purchase for the removable version.

  • If you are using the project from a fixed drive (your notebook or desktop hard disks that are not networked / shared to other PCs) you should make a payment for the fixed version.

When the project opens it automatically recognizes the type of hard disk / removable disk it is installed to and whether it is a network drive or not. Then it looks for the corresponding license file. If found, the project runs OK. If not, there will be some ‘Trial’ limitations.

4. Known Issues -

With Office 2013 - There is a slight but perceptible screen flicker when the computing is being executed.  By contrast, screen rendering is extraordinarily smooth with earlier versions of Excel.  The screen flicker with Office 2013 is a known issue with Microsoft and they may or may not attempt to provide a fix as the cause seems to be "changes that are made in Microsoft Office 2013 to optimize the new graphics engine." 

With Office 2010 - Our products need clean and updated installations of Windows XP SP3 or later. Microsoft India has confirmed to us by online chat support that Office 2003 or 2007 (especially 2007) must be completely uninstalled before the user installs Office 2010. If you have installed Office 2010 'On top of' Office 2007 or 2003 you are likely to face problems with this product and many other Excel workbooks with user-defined functions or macros. Please refer to   & When installed properly, Office 2010 is a pleasure to use.

You may need to go through all the steps including the steps for manually removing previous versions before installing Office 2010.

Download Service Packs -



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