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SN's Maritime Work & Rest Hours Control Software Conformity Certificate Granted By Lloyd's Register, LondonSN's  Work & Rest Hours Control Software  for ILO / MLC 2006 / STCW 2010 / CFR / OPA 90 / 46USC8104 + OCIMF Guidelines Method (Both Methods Certified By Lloyd's Register, London)

Industry Benchmark, Maritime Work Rest Hours Control  Software - Certified by Lloyd's Register, London

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Requires Windows XP SP3 or later &

MS Office version (2003 SP3 / 2007 SP2 or SP3 / 2010 SP1)  

If needed, please download Service Packs from the links below  -

Have Office 2003 and need a free PDF printer for paperless printing of reports?  Download doPDF.

For Office 2007, the 'SaveAsPDF' add-in is included in our installer - Please run 'SaveAsPDF.exe' if not already loaded on your PC.  For Office 2010, this add-in is built-in.

                         See Certificate

(Version Series 6 uploaded; - Now Certified Compliant with all international regulations by Lloyd's Register, London; Version 3.01 and later has multi-language support)


NOTE:  The project MUST be installed in folder WRH (in any drive of your choice) -

Example:      See How To Videos

C:\WRH    or    D:\WRH   or   J:\WRH    Etc.    

When testing in the office, please install one copy in C:\WRH to simulate a Fleet scenario and another in D:\WRH or your server drive, say M:\WRH to simulate the Office scenario.

You can create a shortcut from the project in this folder to your desktop or elsewhere.

Instructions for the Master : 

When installing and using the product for the first time please follow these steps -

(Uninstall any trial versions before installing this copy)


  1. Install to folder WRH in the drive purchased by your company    See image example

  2. Select Master as user from blue dialog box.  See image example

  3. Click on the Key image.

  4. Enter a new password. See image example  Thereafter, a Yellow List box will open.

  5. Close yellow list box. See image example 

  6. Click on the Menu button  (or Ribbon icon) and then open the Help file and go through it. See image example 

  7. From the Menu dialog box (or Ribbon icon) click on the Vessel Parameters button. and ...
    • Add your vessel's parameters and
    • Save from the 'Floppy Disk' save icon.  Contact us for the PIN number.
  8. From the Menu dialog box (or Ribbon icon)  click on the Ranks button. and ...
    • Add the ranks for each department according to your Safe Manning Certificate
    •  Click on the Execute button for each department.
    • (You can use any other title for ranks not listed in the Safe Manning Certificate).
  9. From the Menu dialog box (or Ribbon icon)  click on the Crew List button. and ..

    •  Create your record and Save, then create the records for the heads of department - Chief Engineer, Chief Officer, 1st Engineer and then the records for the rest of your crew.

  10. Go to the List of Holidays page and ..

    • Enter the holidays as per your CBA - up to four for officers and four for ratings

    • in rows 21 & 22 enter the night hours restricted for routine work for young seafarers

  11. Go to the Work Hours Page and ..

    • Enter the working hours for 'At Sea' and 'In Ports' for the deck department. (The ranks titles should be the same as listed in your Safe Manning Certificate).

    • The catering department may be amalgamated into the deck department

    • Print if necessary.

    • Save the file with the save button for your records for the deck department

    • Repeat for the Engine Department.

  12. Go back to the Hours page and ..

    • Get your record from the Menu - Get icon (or Ribbon icon) .  Enter the computing period in cell K9, if necessary

    • Click on the Menu button (or Ribbon icon)  and select whether or not to force MLC

    • Fill in the hours worked from start period up to date.

    • Click on the Save button in the Menu dialog box (or Ribbon icon) .

  13. Click on the Print button. If the project is not licensed, a box will pop up with your Product ID. Send this product ID (EXACTLY as displayed) to your company with ship details and they will forward it to the software author for generation of a license file. When you get the license file, just save it to the folder WRH where the parent project is stored.

  14. Instruct the other users how to select user on project open and get their record. How to set the filter if necessary. If their record is not seen, it means that you (the Master) has not created this record.  Please (Master user only)  fill in the initial details from the CrewList dialog box.

  15. FOR OFFICE 2007 ONLY - If you do not already have the 'PRINT to PDF' add-on, please install this Excel add-on.  We have included this add-on in our installer and you will find the file SaveAsPDF.exe in the WRH folder.

For other new users - after the Master has done the above...

  1. Select User from blue dialog box suitable to your rank.  See image example

  2. Click on the Key image.

  3. Enter a new password. See image example  Thereafter, a Yellow List box will open.

  4. If the list box is empty, adjust the filter parameters correctly from the various drop down boxes (  Vessel  /  Rank  /  Department  /  Vessel Type  /  Nationality  /  Date  ). 

  5. After adjusting the filter, and the yellow box still does not contain your record, it means that the Master has not entered data for your record.  Inform the Master to do so before continuing.

  6. Click on the Get button. (or double click the row with desired crew)

  7. Enter the computing period in cell K9, if necessary.

  8. Fill in the hours section and any short notes in the Remarks column.

  9. Click on the Menu button  (or Ribbon icon) and click on Save.

Once this is done - the next time around ..

  1. Select User from blue dialog box suitable to your rank.  Enter the password

  2. Click on the key image.

  3. The yellow dialog box will open with the correct filter showing your name in the list.

  4. Select your name and click on the Get button or double-click your name row.

Fill in the hours worked.


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