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SN's Risk Assessment / Mitigating Measures

Price - NIL

A comprehensive premium application to formalize tasks and their associated risks and mitigating measures. The MS Excel file will keep a continuous record of 'cards'. The user may replace the image at the top left with their company logo.


If the user would like to have a working copy and so need to replace the assessing body name ( in the download project - 'CHAMPION III' ) with another name, the user should


and request a copy where the text field for 'Name' is made visible.


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  • You have to enable the macros to run the project.  The dialog box to enable macros is available from the menu - 'Tools-Macro-Security-Medium'
  • If the Setup dialog box does not open when you click on the Setup button it could be because your computer has not found the calendar control.  Search for all files with 'MSCAL.*' and copy and paste them in your Windows/System32 directory

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Make your own spreadsheets or standalone projects.  Download the oil calculations add-in dll(s) with all the functions you need for the tanker industry.

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