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We have undertaken smaller projects too - Ullage reports only for crude and product tankers with results exported to charterer's and owner's standard forms (ship specific data for tank volumes with trim and heel correction, stability, stresses and hydrostatic calculations, etc. not included).

New  - For Shipping Companies - Engine Department.

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Product Litres of Product per CBM of Crude  Gallons of Product per Barrel of Crude
Gasoline 11.73 19.5
Distillate Fuel Oil
(Includes Both Home Heating Oil And Diesel Fuel)
5.53 9.2
Kerosene-Type Jet Fuel 2.47 4.1
Residual Fuel Oil
(Heavy Oils Used As Fuels In Industry, Marine Transportation And For Electric  Power Generation)
1.38 2.3
Liquefied Refinery Gases 1.14 1.9
Still Gas 1.14 1.9
Coke 1.08 1.8
Asphalt And Road Oil 0.78 1.3
Petrochemical Feed stocks 0.72 1.2
Lubricants 0.30 0.5
Others 0.18 0.3
Kerosene 0.12 0.2
Disparity in quantities represent 'Processing Gains'

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