- Customised Solutions For The Tanker IndustrySN's Goalseek Premium V1.08  BETA

The Grey Background is a Watt-Reduction Theme.  Every milli-Watt counts.

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To purchase, using secure card payment service, click on the link below. Send SalesInfo atStopSpam cargocal dot com a mail including the auto-generated number in the Premium Goalseeker License dialog box. You will receive a release code within 24 hours of the receipt of payment from the credit card service provider.

The current price is fixed at USD 398.00 (inclusive of VAT) for this version (without ability to call the Add-in programmatically). The enhanced copy where calling the add-in from your VBA code is under further development and should be ready in a few months.



The price for the full version is expected to start around USD 796.00 (inclusive of VAT). Those upgrading from this version to the full callable type will be entitled to a 30% rebate in the cost difference.


Purchase twice or four times for the full version

An Analysis of an Algorithm Improvement for Excel's GoalSeek Function

This document analyzes the capabilities of the SNGSP program compared to Microsoft Excel's existing GoalSeek algorithm and its stand-in for enhanced goalseeking ' Solver'. A compelling case is developed for leveraging SNGSP in future versions of Microsoft Excel.

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Selected Media (midi, wave or AVI) playback with set conditions in your MS Excel Workbook/s.

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