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 List of Software Downloads 

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COVID-19 Cases Doubling Calculation   Free    *New   Read More
 Vetting Reports Control Software BIQ5 v2205, VIQ6, VIQ7          Read More

 Draft Survey Software / Hyd Calcs(zip)      Read More

 Bunker Reports Includes BLENDING REPORT   Released January 06, 2015      Read More  

 Monthly Engine Cons Rep Demo (zip)     Monthly Engine Cons Rep Demo (EXE)   Read More

SN's Maritime Work & Rest Hours Control Software Conformity Certificate Granted By Lloyd's Register, London Work & Rest Hours Control (zip)           Read More

Version 6.09.15   Date Released : February 20, 2019        See 'How-To' Videos

Crude & Product Oil Calculations Add-in For MS Excel & Standalone Applications.  (Oil Software)

VEF Calculations(zip)  Software   VEF Calculations(EXE)     Read More
 Ullage Reports  (EXE)           Released October 14, 2014  Read More
List of Cargoes   (large file, page will take a little time to load)               Free

ASTM Tables Demo(zip)        Read More        Free Software 

Risk Assessment & Mitigating Measures  - Free Software    Read More
Goalseek Premium V1.08 (Beta)    Read More
Media Playback  - Free Software   Read More
Cell Highlighter  - Free Software   Read More
Su Doku Assist  - Free Software   Read More
Synchronize Your PC Clock  - Free Software
FIFA 2014 World Cup Dynamic Scorecard  - Free Software
Shore jobs for seafarers - Chief Officers, Master Mariners, Marine Engineers

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Shore jobs for seafarers - Chief Officers, Master Mariners, Marine Engineers