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Cases (Coronavirus) in Population Doubling Software -
Use for any country, Not limited to Covid-19. 

We have put up this MS Excel project suitable for computing the doubling rate (in days) of Covid-19 infections and similarly for the number of deaths.

Estimate the date at which the number of cases will be reached based on the doubling rate.

The software will show the number of cases per 100,000 and 1 million population and the percentage of cases resulting in death. The number of people per case and per death.

Doubling     Deaths doubling

Get an estimate of when the percentages for herd immunity (typically 60% of the population affected), could be reached.

The default data is for India up to July 18th.

Use the Reset button to start from the first known date for any other country.  Continue with any new date after the 18th of July for India.

Freeware. Use at your own discretion.

Download HERE


As with any transmittable disease, (whether viral or otherwise) it is important to know its tranmissibility rate among the population.  This rate is called R0 and is read as R-nought or R-zero. It is the figure to denote the average number of people who will be infected by a single person testing positive with the disease.

R-zero of less than one will slowly fizzle out and disappear or cease to be an epidimic / pandemic.

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