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height: 722px;" align="center"> <center> <table style="border-collapse: collapse;" border="0" bordercolor="#111111" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="6" height="1022" width="657"> <tbody> <tr> <td style="float: left;" align="left" height="1016" valign="top"> <div align="center"> <center> <table style="border-collapse: collapse;" id="AutoNumber1" border="0" bordercolor="#111111" cellpadding="5" cellspacing="5" height="841" width="663"> <tbody> <tr> <td class="style2" height="321" valign="top"> <p align="left" dir="ltr"> <font color="#202020" face="Arial" size="4"><b> Surve</b></font><font color="#202020" face="Arial" size="4"><b>y Documen</b></font><b><font color="#202020" face="Arial" size="4">tation - Data Collection, Tables, Basic Calculations, Records and Reports</font></b></p> <p align="justify" dir="ltr"> <font face="Arial" size="2">Vital components of good measurement of cargo on ships is the use of the proper tables, the accurate recording of the basic data obtained through physical measurement, and the correct calculation of the necessary volumes.&nbsp; This section is a discussion of these items that are essential to accurate determination of cargo volumes.</font></p> <p align="justify" dir="ltr"> <font color="#008000" face="Arial" size="2">DATA COLLECTION</font></p> <p align="justify" dir="ltr"> <font face="Arial" size="2">Measurement data should be gathered and recorded in a systematic manner and permanently maintained in an appropriate field record book.&nbsp; A checklist of measurement tasks to be performed is given in API MPMS Chapter 17.1.</font></p> <p align="justify" dir="ltr"> <font color="#008000" face="Arial" size="2">CAPACITY TABLES</font></p> <p align="justify" dir="ltr"> <font face="Arial" size="2">Capacity tables show the volume corresponding to each measured innage or ullage.&nbsp; </font></p> </td> <td align="center" height="321" valign="top" width="287"> <p><font color="#808080" size="2">Page 1 of 1</font></p> <p></p> <div id="MicrosoftTranslatorWidget" style="border-color: rgb(58, 87, 112); width: 200px; min-height: 83px; 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Retrieve From Anywhere</span></a>.</font></p> <p style="width: 129px;">Perfect for Surveyors and Seafarers</p> </td> </tr> <tr> <td style="padding: 0pt;" colspan="2" height="490" valign="top" width="653"> <div align="center"> <center> <table style="border-collapse: collapse;" id="AutoNumber2" border="0" bordercolor="#111111" cellspacing="1" height="491"> <tbody> <tr> <td style="padding: 0pt;" height="469" valign="top" width="641"> <p align="justify" dir="ltr"> <font face="Arial" size="2">Measurements should be taken in the same units used in the tables, If measurements must be taken in other units, the conversion factors given in Appendix C should be used.&nbsp; When capacity tables are not calculated to the prescribed graduations 1/8th-in., 1-mm, or 0.01-ft), and when gauge readings fall between the values in the tables, interpolation will be necessary.</font></p> <p align="justify" dir="ltr"> <font face="Arial" size="2">The observed reference height should be compared with the reference height given in the tables and recorded (see Appendix B-3).&nbsp; Trim corrections must be carefully applied when the vessel is not on even keel.&nbsp; Additional corrections are required when the vessel is listing.&nbsp; Trim and list corrections must be carefully applied as indicated in the appropriate vessel tables (see Appendix B.4, B.5, and B.7).</font></p> <p align="justify" dir="ltr"> <font face="Arial" size="2">The trim and list corrections given in the tables shall be applied only when the liquid is in contact with all bulkheads in the tank but is not in contact with the top of the compartment.&nbsp; When the free water of cargo surface does not touch all bulkheads of the tank, wedge tables or a wedge formula may be used to determine the volumes present in the tank. </font> </p> <p align="justify" dir="ltr"><font color="#008000" face="Arial" size="2">VOLUME CORRECTION TABLES&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; See <a href="http://cargocal.com/SNsUllRep.html"><font color="#008000">SN's Ullage Reports</font></a></font></p> <p align="justify" dir="ltr"><font face="Arial" size="2">The volume correction tables are necessary to convert the observed cargo volumes being measured to standard volumes at standard temperatures such as 60F or 15C.&nbsp; When making these conversions, always be sure to use the correct tables according to the sales contract or as otherwise agreed.&nbsp; Generally, Tables 6A, 24A, and 54A are to be used for crude oils, 6B, 24B, and 54B are to be used for products, and 6D, 24D, and 54D are to be used for lubricating oils. It must be noted however, that not all crude oils and products fall into the common categories and other tables such as Tables 6C, 24C, and 54C may provide a better "fit" for calculation purposes.&nbsp; If you are not familiar with the specific cargo being measured, confirm with principals which table should be applied.</font></p> <p align="justify" dir="ltr"><font color="#008000" face="Arial" size="2">OBSERVATIONS, MEASUREMENTS, AND CALCULATIONS</font></p> <p align="justify" dir="ltr"><font face="Arial" size="2">After all observations and measurements shown on the checklist (see API MPMS Chapter 17.1) have been made, quantity calculations must be performed. Volumes should be determined according to the steps as follows: </font> </p> <p align="justify" dir="ltr"><font face="Arial" size="2">Total Observed Volume (TOV) - Free Water (FW) = Gross Observed Volume (GOV) </font> </p> <p align="justify" dir="ltr"><font face="Arial" size="2">x Volume Correction Factor (VCF or Ctl) = Gross Standard Volume (GSV)</font></p> <p align="justify" dir="ltr"><font face="Arial" size="2">&nbsp;- Sediment and Water (S &amp; W) = Net Standard Volume (NSV)</font></p> <p align="justify" dir="ltr"><font face="Arial" size="2">It may be noted that the parties involved should agree whether to calculate the ship volumes to a GSV or NSV end volume and which values should be used for the required calculations (i.e., ship or shore S&amp;W, FW, API, etc. values). </font> </p> <p align="justify" dir="ltr"><font face="Arial" size="2">It may be noted that if the cargo being measured does not have an S&amp;W content (as is the case with most clean products), the GSV would then equal the NSV of the cargo.&nbsp; </font> </p> <p align="justify" dir="ltr"><font face="Arial" size="2">Total Calculated Volume (TCV) = GSV + FW </font> <font face="Arial" size="1">of the cargo being measured</font><font face="Arial" size="2"> </font> </p> <ol type="a"> <li dir="ltr"> <p align="justify" dir="ltr"><font face="Arial" size="2">Total Observed Volume (TOV).&nbsp;&nbsp; Determine the total observed volume by entering the appropriate capacity table for each vessel's tank with the measured innage/ullage readings, with trim and list corrections (if any) applied according to the instructions in the tables.&nbsp; As an alternative, the trim and list corrections may be applied as adjustments made to the volumes, based on observed gauges. The capacity tables will indicate the correct method of applying trim and list corrections.</font> </p> </li> <li dir="ltr"> <p align="justify" dir="ltr"><font face="Arial" size="2">Free Water (FW).&nbsp; Determine the free water volumes by entering the capacity tables, as described in step a, using the obtained water-cut measurements.</font> </p> </li> <li dir="ltr"> <p align="justify" dir="ltr"><font face="Arial" size="2">Gross Observed Volume (GOV).&nbsp; Subtract the free water volume from total observed volume determined in steps a and b to calculate gross observed volume.</font> </p> </li> <li dir="ltr"> <p align="justify" dir="ltr"><font face="Arial" size="2">Gross Standard Volume (GSV).&nbsp; Calculate the gross standard volume by multiplying the gross observed volume by the volume correction factor. The volume correction factor is obtained as appropriate from API MPMS Chapter 11.1</font> </p> </li> <li dir="ltr"> <p align="justify" dir="ltr"><font face="Arial" size="2">Net Standard Volume (NSV).&nbsp; When required, calculate the cargo's NSV volume by subtracting its S&amp;W content from the calculated GSV volume.&nbsp; Therefore, if the cargo has no S&amp;W, the vessel's NSV would be equal to its GSV.</font> </p> </li> <li dir="ltr"> <p align="justify" dir="ltr"><font face="Arial" size="2">Total Calculated Volume (TCV).&nbsp; Add any free water (FW) determined to be on board to the calculated gross standard volume (GSV) to calculate the total calculated volume (TCV).</font> </p> </li> </ol> <p align="justify" dir="ltr"><font color="#008000" face="Arial" size="2">VOLUME OF SHIP'S PIPELINES</font><font color="#0066cc" face="Microsoft Sans Serif" size="2"><img alt="Cargocal.com - Vessel Pipeline Diagrams" src="http://link40.com/images/cow4.jpg" align="right" border="0" height="136" width="199"></font></p> <p align="justify" dir="ltr"><font face="Arial" size="2">Each ship should have a diagram on which the location of loading and discharging piping is clearly indicated. The diagram should show the diameter of each line and the volume of each line when full or provide sufficient information to allow the calculation of these volumes. Knowledge of the lines used during the cargo-handling operation should make it possible to determine which pipes could contain oil at any point in the cargo operation.&nbsp; It must be understood, however, that the actual pipeline volumes usually cannot be quantified at all times. &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; </font> <font face="Arial" size="2"> </font></p> <p align="right"><font face="Arial" size="2"><font color="#808080" face="Arial" size="1"> Sections of text taken from API - MPMS Chapter 17 Marine Measurement</font></font></p> </td> </tr> </tbody> </table> </center> </div> </td> </tr> </tbody> </table> </center> </div> <font> </font> <blockquote><font> </font> <p><font> &nbsp;&nbsp;<font color="#0066cc" face="Arial" size="1">&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; 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